Gavin Robson

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Combined Driving consists of three phases, Dressage, Marathon and Cones. It is based on the riding sport of Three Day Eventing.  Major competitions ususally take place over 3 days.  All three phases are a test of the drivers judgement and memory.

Day one: Driven Dressage is a training technique that involves the horse learning standardized movements and performing them in a relaxed and controlled manner. Each movement is scored on a scale of 1 to 10.  Horses should exhibit obedience, freedom, regularity of movement, impulsion, and correct position.  4 in hand's are judged collectively.

Day Two: The Marathon Phase is usually broken up into 3 sections all having maximum/minimum time allowances. In the first section drivers and horses cover a distance at any pace. A walk section follows.  Horses are then seen at a mandatory vet check ensuring they are fit to continue to the final section.  The final and most exciting section has a series of obstacles in which the driver has to navigate through marked "gates" in alphabetical order. Penalty points are added for each second in the obstacle. 

Day Three: In The Cones Phase the carriage is driven through a series of 20 narrow set cones. Balls sit on top of the cones and if they are dislodged the driver incurs penalty points. Penalty is also given for going longer than the time allowed.

The winner has the least amount of penalty points.